About Us
Boat Motor and Small Engine Repair has been in business since 1986 in
Northfield, Minnesota. Steve Hansen, The owner of the company, has had a
love for boats since he was a young teenager. Steve started out working with
boats when he was just 14 years of age, where he worked for his father's
boat company. After years of working with his father, he ended up buying his
father's company out at the age of 25 with his brother. The two brothers
worked for 5 years and eventually the company was reborn as Boat Motor
and Small Engine Repairs. Steve is very passionate about boats, engines,
and putting only the best quality and service into every job. He shares his
love for the company with his sons, who often help out just as he did with his
father years ago.
S.J Hansen, Inc
507 645 0065
952 484 8807
507 645 0065
952 484 8807
Call us or Email at:
31535 Dresden Ave.,
 Northfield, Minnesota 55057